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How to win with online slots

If you gamble online then you hope to win and win big. Of course you also play for the fun, to pass time, to relief some stress,… But I haven’t met any online gambler who said he doesn’t want to win money. No matter if you play Table games, Live games, scratch games or slots. You want to win as much money ass possible. And altough gambling online is a game of luck there are some strategies you can use to maximize your winning chances. We will give you all the well kept secrets to maximize your winning chances with online slots.

Don’t keep playing the same slot

It’s a mistake that many gamblers make. They win big on a slot machine and then they keep playing the slot machine and end up loosing al off their money. Trust me, I’ve made the same mistake in the past. The best thing you can do is keep moving from one slot to another. That doesn’t mean you have to change slots every 5 spins or so. What we mean is that you have to be carefull not te keep playing the same slot to long after you have won big. The mistake many players make is that they think they are going to have other big wins. And altough its surely possible, its no guarantee. In land bases casinos you had the advantage that with some slots you could see how long its been since there was a huge payout. Playing on those slots that didn’t have a huge payout that day increased your chance of winning. Unfortunately you don’t have that advantage with online slots.

There are also players who leave the machine as soon as they win a a larger sum. However we feel that this is also a wrong strategy. You should have some more spins because sometimes you get the bonus games just a few spins after the previous. Just don’t wait to long. If you see that your balance is going down to much, leave and play a different slot. If you want to win with online slots this is a verry good strategy.

Set a betting limit before you start

Setting your betting limits is a great way to guarantee you dont lose your winings and minimize losses. It’s verry simple. You set an upper limit and a bottom limit. The upper limit is when you stop playing and cash out. Lets say your upper limit is $500. That means that the moment you reach $500 you cash out. Some players use this strategy with a twist. When they reach their upper limit, they request a payout for that amount. They continue playing with wat is left. Lets say they use a $500 doller upper limit and have a big win wich results in $650 in their account. They request a pay-out for $500 and keep playing with the remaining 150$. This is a strategy that I use a lot. Sometimes you are having such a good time playing that you don’t want to quit yet.

Next to the upper limit you should also set a lower limit. The lower limit is the limit when you start playing another slot game. For instance you can set a lower limit of $15. Whenever you reach that amount in losses you stop playing that slot and start another.

The best slots to win big

As we mentioned before there are 2 kind of slots. Progressive slots and non-progressive slots. Progressive slots can give you a huge win because of the jackpots. However its a jackpot, that means that not every one playing wil win it. It could take a long time before anyone wins the jackpot.

You have slots in every kind of theme, different winlines, bonusgames, freegames etc. We find it best to choose a slot with at least 20 winlines. There are a lot of slots with 1, 3, 5 or 9 winlines. And altough your bet is smaller, the chances of winning are also smaller. If you play a slotgame with only 9 winlines you have 9 chanches to have a win each spin you take. A slotgame with 243 winlines means that you have 243 chanches to hit a winning combination with every spin. Slotmachines with 243 winlines mean you win whenever you have 2 or more of the same symbols in consecutive columns, regardless of which row they are on. You even have slots now with over 4000 winlines. The minimum bet for each spin will be a bit higher then with lower winlines but your chances of winning increase exponential. To win with online slots its better to choose slots with more winlines.